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Green Light District

The Euromast, the Erasmus Bridge, the Willems Bridge, the building of the National Netherlands and the KPN-building: they define the skyline of Rotterdam. What makes them a full member of the skyline: their height or their ‘personality’?

The KPN-building designed by architect Renzo Piano, is one of these elements. She leans next to the Erasmus Bridge towards the port between the north and south of Rotterdam. But more explicit, it is the green 2922 m2 dynamic image on its façade that illuminates the river.

YOUR design can be part of the skyline in Rotterdam !!

We invite you all to submit a design for the kpn-screen. We look at all of them and make sure that the good ones will be placed.


There will be no corresponding. If your design will be placed on the screen we will confirm you by e-mail. Therefore we ask you all to fill in the application form carefully so we can reach you.


The KPN-building is equipped with a unique monochrome, 2922 m2 screen consisting of 896 square lamps in a 22*41 grid creating a w37.8m * h72m image or animation. Obviously, design possibilities are limited, but therefore daring! At the moment we use the .BMP fileformat to trigger the screen. This means that to display a still image a 22*41 pixel, black and white bitmapped image will give you a 72m high view !

black will turn on the 32cm square green osram lamps displaying animations requires a 41 pixel high bitmap the width depends on the amount of frames: a 18 frame loop results in a

18*22=396 pixel wide image....

still there?





black = turn those green lights

more information can be found at: http://wdka.hro.nl/~kpn
for more technical questions you can mail: roadie@ergaster.com

this site is hosted by StudioPopcorn and Initworks






Available: Quicktime movie
data: 1.3 mb
artist: woody van amen


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